Why Have One Resolution for 2016 When You Could Have 16?

2016 is a MASSIVE year, friends. Expect the unexpected, expect miracles and expect to surprise the crap out of yourself with how much you grow and what you will be experiencing.

Because of this massive year, I’ve decided to focus on some MASSIVE categories through my “New Years Resolutions” or what successful people call them– GOALS.


At first I just wrote down things that I wanted to concentrate on in 2016. What started as vague goals, I turned into more concrete goals. When goal setting it is VERY important to give yourself some guidelines. Your brain doesn’t do well with vague concepts and neither does your motivation.

I’ll share a few with you for you to use as an example when creating your own goals.

Water: In January 2016, I will buy 7 gallons of purified water each week, write intention on each of them and drink (or do the best I can to drink) 1 gallon of water per day. Further, I will create fruit and herb infused water 2x/week.

Athlete: I will do sprints 4x/week for the month of January. I will lift 5x a week and I will do Crossfit/Crosstraining 1x/week.

Write: I will create 2 blog posts/week, write down a book topic idea 2x/month and take a free online grammar test/course 2x/month to increase my writing skills.

Yoga: I will learn 1 new yoga pose per week in 2016.


For most of these goals I will be reviewing them each month. Let’s say in February I look back at my January water goal and realize that maybe a gallon a day isn’t all that manageable. I will then look back on that goal and tweek it for February. It’s important to set aside a time to reflect and change goals if needed! If one of your goals/resolutions doesn’t excite you anymore, it’s either time to ditch it or switch it.

Happy Goal setting everyone! Let me know if you have any questions or need support in any way. I believe in you! 🙂

Happy 2016!!!!