Becoming Someone Worth Following

Often I encourage my friends to live their lives out loud. How I define “living out loud” is to not be afraid to share publicly your achievements, your journey and your thoughts.

Sometimes I will hear people say things like, “Yeah but no one cares what I’m doing” or “I’m not doing anything important enough for people to want to follow me” or “But I haven’t done anything noteworthy, yet.”

By living your life out-loud you give others “permission” to do the same. Of course they don’t need your permission, it’s just a lot easier to go down a certain path when you get to read about and watch someone else go down that path as well. It encourages people by giving them some sort of framework of what may happen to them emotionally, physically, spiritually when they also decide to take a similar path. It takes out a little bit of the uncertainty. It creates a sense of belief in another person, because we aren’t all that different from each other at the end of the day.

You are already someone worth following. I promise you, you are. Just make sure you stand for something worth standing for.



Passion is an interesting thing.
I always like to ask people what their passion is.
A lot of people don’t know what their passion actually is.

What I have come to realize is that passionate people understand other passionate people. We may not have the same passion but we recognize it within others. No one will EVER be able to comprehend your passion in the same exact way that you do, that’s why it is YOUR passion. And that’s fine.

“Haters” come from a dark place where they lack passion, haven’t found theirs yet, or gave up on their passion.
A person who is passionate about something will NEVER tell you to not be passionate about what you’re passionate about. Even if they think it’s a dumb idea they understand that it is your PASSION.


If you’re a passionate person, surround yourself with other passionate people. Collaborate with them. Create something with them.

If you are NOT a passionate person I urge you to figure out what your passion is. The thing you would be doing all day if money and paychecks didn’t matter.

But no matter what, if you lack passion, please, do NOT try to stand in the way of those who are full of it. You’ll lose friends quickly.

Do what gives you MORE life

We have an apple tree in our backyard and the other day I was thinking about harvesting the apples because they are fairly ripe by this point. As I was considering this I realized we have WAY too many apples for me to take off of the tree and they will go bad because I won’t be able to eat them fast enough.

This then made me realize that the apples will be just fine if I leave them ON the tree. They will be fine because they are connected to their life source. Roots, trunk, branches, leaves, water, sunshine.. these are the things that create the apple and give it the ability to live. It is only when they are DISCONNECTED from their source of life that they die.


Let’s take this same concept and apply it to PEOPLE. When we live our lives in such ways that do not give us MORE life/are disconnected from life, we slowly die. We rot. We “go bad.” But when we are connected to our life source (our passions/favorite hobbies etc) we are FULL of life and continue to grow.

Some food for thought. 🙂