True Life: I Haven’t Worked Out in 4 Weeks #andThatsFine

16875667It’s true. I haven’t been to the gym or worked out since the beginning of January. Why? Honestly, because I didn’t flippin feel like it. Call it Minnesota winter, call it too much Ben & Jerry’s, call it lazy, call it whatever you’d like.

We all go through ups and downs. We all struggle with consistency.

Coming through the other side of it though, we all have two choices:

Choice 1: Beat yourself up about it, tell yourself how crappy of a person you are and how lazy and worthless you are because you didn’t stick to a fitness routine.
Choice 2: Look in the mirror, notice that you’re a little squishier or lost muscle, love yourself anyway, laugh, and say “Welp! Time to get back to it!”

Choice 1 comes from a place of self hate, choice 2 comes from a place of self love. If you’re working out because you hate yourself and you hate your body, you’re working out for the wrong reasons. It does you 0% of good to beat yourself up about your lack of fitness or healthy eating. Shame is something you should never allow yourself to feel. Easier said than done, I know.

Some days I have abs, some days my stomach looks like this. Both are totally fine. It’s funny, we tend to post on social media only the things we want other people to see. Welp. It’s time you see this too.

It took me many years of surrounding myself with the right people, reading the right books and finding the right information that resonated with me to finally love myself and not beat myself up over “slips” in health and fitness. You fail, you learn, you grow, you keep going!

No one is 100% on their game 100% of the time. And. That’s. Fine. Know your goals, know your body and ultimately know yourself. Oh and don’t forget to love yourself no matter your body fat percentage.

I’m always here for YOU! If you need support, advice or just want someone to nerd out with over fitness related things, shoot me a message.

Follow along with my daily fitness journey on Instagram and Twitter! Happy Fitness!


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