“Running is Bad For You”

I was speaking with a client who had had a few interactions with co-workers about her training with me. Throughout her conversations with them, they warned her, “Running is bad for you.”

She repeated to me what they had said and that’s when I just about lost my f-ing mind! Okay, it wasn’t THAT serious. But it really got me to reflect on all of the information out there, most of it incorrect, that most people assume to be true.

Yes, yes, of course if you have knee issues or if you make a constant routine of road running, running can be a little hard on the body at times. But to say that overall “Running is bad for you” is completely false.

The overall benefits of running far outweigh any negative effects you may have. Don’t be fooled by people or pop-culture “fitness” tips that try to tell you differently.

Running is great for your mind, your body and honestly, probably your soul too.

Check out my favorite benefits (backed up by SCIENCE! yay! Science!) of running:
– Clears your head/mental health
– Improves overall lung function
– Lowers and helps prevent high blood pressure
– Stress relief
– Increased bone density
– Joint strength/stability
– Strong legs!
– Weight control/Fat Loss
– Strengthens your immune system

Get out there, put some miles in and be happy. Oh yeah, and ANY run (or walk) is better than no run.


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